Животные и зеркало. Галерея


Зеркальный тест — довольно простой и понятный способ определить, обладает ли существо развитым самосознанием. Считается, что высшие приматы, дельфины, слоны и сороки способны узнавать себя в зеркале, а кошки и собаки — нет.

Интересно, что человек, априори безусловно способный узнавать свое отражение, не рождается с этим навыком, а приобретает его в возрасте примерно двух лет.

С другой стороны, зеркальный тест — это до жути антропоцентричная штука, ну или если хотите, — визуалоцентричная. Собаки, к примеру, вообще воспринимают окружающий мир во многом по запаху. Многие ученые скептически относятся к легитимности зеркального испытания для определения, обладает ли животное развитым сознанием. Приматолог Франс де Валль говорит, что с трудом может себе представить, что собаки не осознают себя как себя, даже несмотря на то, что они не способны узнать свое отражение.

И все же домашних питомцев не редко можно застать за тем, что они пристально смотрят на себя в зеркало. Boredpanda собрала фотографии с животными, которые выглядят так, словно с легкостью могли бы пройти зеркальный тест.

Looking In The Mirror
Find Someone Who Looks At You The Way My Cat Looks At Himself In The Mirror
I Caught My Cat Staring At Himself In The Mirror Looking Like A Renaissance Painting.
The Importance Of A Selfie Angle
"I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, And Gosh Darnit, People Like Me"
Looking In The Mirror
Daily Ritual To Connect With The Mirror Cat
Roscoe Gets It
My Rabbit Does This Every Day. Not Sure What He's Thinking About…
The Mortifying Ordeal Of Being Known
I Sees You
Sad Mirror Cat
He Already Knows How Pretty He Is
Looking In The Mirror
He Kept Looking Into The Mirror For Quite A While, Seems Really Depressed About The New Look After Shaving.
Happens After Ever Bath She Gets. She Goes To The Sink, Stands Up, Paws Down, And Looks At Herself In The Mirror.
Put This Mirror On The Bedside Table And Renly Couldn’t Handle It
Looking In The Mirror
Identity Crisis
Standing Cat Looking In Mirror
"I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore"
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...
Kill Them. Kill Them All.
Every Morning When I'm Getting Ready For Work My Cat Protects Me From This Scary Mirror Cat.
Then She Licked The Mirror Because It Seemed Like There Was A Nice Dog In It :)
Looking In The Mirror
We've Been Feeding A Stray For A Few Weeks - Helped Himself To A Tour Of The House And Ended Up Getting Mesmerized By The Mirror
What's That Handsome Cat Doing In The Mirror?
She Was Confused By The New Mirror. (Apologies For Potato Quality)
Looking In The Mirror
This Fb Marketplace Photo Looks Like An Art Piece To Me
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Handsomest Bun Of All?
This Is Toki, My Pet Cockatiel, Singing To Himself In The Mirror C:
It Looks Like It Nailed A Job Interview
This Is My Favorite Pic Of My Dog
Surprise Guest!
My Kitty Looking At His Reflection In The Mirror.
I Forgot To Turn My Magnifying Mirror Off Last Night Before I Left The House. Came Home To This Little Situation. Meet Roscoe.
Mirror Pic
This Is Winnie. She Is 11 Weeks Old, Has Mastered “Sit” And Doesn’t Understand Why She Can’t Play With Her Mirror Sister. She Is A Mini Bernese Mountain Dog, And A V Good Girl.
My Dog Looking Into A Vanity Mirror.......he Was Honing In On My Grand Daughters New Toy. Look At Me!
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
My Cat Checks Himself Out In The Mirror Everyday
Mirror Mirror Who Is Cutest White Cloud?
My Doodle, Using A Mirror To Spy On Me While I Sleep. The Second I Show Signs Of Life, She Runs Over To Me So We Can Go For A Walk Or To Get Pets. She Thinks She's Fooling Me. She Understands How Mirrors Work, But She Doesn't Understand That I, Too, Understand How Mirrors Work.
Who Made Me? And What Did They Make Me For?
Usually My Cat Ignores The Mirror, Walked In The Bathroom And Caught Her Looking At Her Reflection
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Pretties Skink Of All?
My Rabbit Really, Really Likes Looking At Himself In The Mirror.
When You Get Up From A Nap And Look In The Mirror
He's Lived Here Since The Day He Was Born In April 2011. Today Is The Day He Suddenly Notices The Bathroom Mirror And Decides To Be Terrified.
This Is Belle’s Reaction After A Friend Brought Her Big Dog Over. She Sat In The Dark Looking At Herself In The Mirror Until I Picked Her Up And Took Her To My Room.
Every Morning My French Bulldog, Chubbs, Stares At Himself In The Mirror To Get His Day Started.
Doin A Protecc From The Heckin Floof In The Mirror. She Growls At Herself At Least Once A Day
Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Who Is The Fattest Of Them All?
True Introspection
Contemplating Existence
Every Single Day, Tito Sits Here And Stares At Himself In The Mirror For At Least 3 Solid Minutes. We Call It His Daily Affirmation Time. "I'm Handsome, People Like Me. I'm A Good Jumper, I Keep My White Fur Exceptionally White, And I'm A Great Conversationalist."
Our Little 4-Month Old Phoebe Discovered Herself In The Mirror.
We Rescued A Puppy And He Just Can't Stop Looking At Himself In The Mirror
My Dog Stares At Me Through Mirrors
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
My Dog Likes To Stare At Me Through The Mirror.
My Goofy 3 Legged Dog Bug Realizing He Can Make Eye Contact With Me Through The Mirror.
Reflective Boi
When She Looks Into The Mirror, All She Sees Are Claws And Impurrfections.
The Cat Wouldn't Stop Looking Into My New Mirror
Chloe 'Mirin Herself In The Mirror
My Cat Often Sits In Front Of The Mirror And Stares Herself Down.
My Cat Always Looks Into Other Room Using Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
Existential Crisis In Full Effect
Looking In The Mirror
Winston Likes To Look At Himself In The Mirror. He’s Practicing His Blue Steel.
Looking In The Mirror
Looking In The Mirror
The Face He Makes In The Mirror.